By Saunder Schroeder

BUFFEDholder Letter - Vol. 1


Welcome to our version of a boring ass shareholder letter, except the only “shareholders” we care about are our customers (maybe BUFFEDHEADS will stick, I don’t know yet). Welcome to the BUFFEDholder Letter Vol. 1. The first people to read these letters will always be our customers (we need something better than BUFFEDHEADS, I’m already talking myself out of it). Second, once we’ve gone through the questions, feedback, etc. we’ll post the BUFFEDholder Letters publicly.  

Our mission at BUFFED is unsimply simple: do things differently while not taking ourselves too seriously. We’ll push the line. We’ll fail. We’ll have viral wins. We’ll do things the way we want to do them. We’ll have fun. We’ll probably get “canceled” at some point. Buckle up.

Our goal: create a billion dollar brand. Why? So we can create every crazy idea we come up with and use the largest distribution channels. No matter your reason, we appreciate you supporting BUFFED.

I’m a sucker for poetic full-circle moments. I’m writing this letter from Austin, Texas, the place where I decided to officially launch BUFFED. Long story short: after working on BUFFED for more than two years, I pulled the plug on it in October 2022. I loved the product, but the brand was boring and uninspiring (here’s a link to the original brand guidelines from August '21--somewhat nice, also really boring). Fast forward to February 2023, I was in Austin, Texas for an ecommerce award show. Most of the brands that received awards were so clean, polished and in my opinion boring. It just felt like most brands were Facebook and Google machines. BUFFED was born. 

I saw a brand that put art back in mARkeTing (look, I know this is tacky, and the art of marketing has been lost); a brand that didn’t take itself too seriously; a brand that could be the heyoka towards other brands. The jury is still out, and I can honestly say I’ve never had more fun and that’s what matters to me with BUFFED. So let’s talk numbers. 

Numbers - Since launch (Nov. 1, 2023): 

Sales: $50,118.27

# of Customers: 714

Website Visitors: 43,021

I’m grateful for what we’ve accomplished in almost 4 months. Thank you for your support, and we want to do a better job of creating a community (more on that below). 


  1. Rabah, our first customer, buys BUFFED. He's kind of a big deal in the ecommerce space, but don't tell him that. 
  2. Sponsored ARKADIA Music Festival

  3. Launched one of the best performing ads I’ve ever seen: Please Stop Snorting BUFFED Ad. Read through the comments and have some fun. Maybe tell some people not to snort BUFFED while you’re there 

  4. We sponsored Gamer Update and Jake Lucky

  5. We sponsored the E8 APEX Legends team that is currently in fifth place 

  6. Jevon Holland (starting Safety and Captain of the Miami Dolphins) represented BUFFED at this year's Super Bowl. Content dropping soon 

  7. Launched on Amazon (hey Bezos)
  8. Sponsored the VIP Room at Loot Fest

Most ecommerce brands find their product market fit around $100k in revenue. I’d say we’re well on our way, and this weekend got us closer to understanding who our customers are. Tell us who you are. Tell us about your hobbies, what you watch, what social networks you like, your career, your social security number, etc. But for real, we really do want to know who you are so we can create a real and authentic community. 

What’s Next?

  1. PUMP POWDA. BUFFED was created to help people kick the can (not the night game I was the two time ‘96-’97 champ in, I’m talking canned energy). Well I can confidently say we’re the only energy drink that gives you god-like focus, especially since we’re the official sponsor of god-like focus. Disruptors disrupt and that disruption naturally challenges the status quo: when consumers think of energy drinks, they think cans; when consumers think of energy powders, they think preworkout. Well we know a lot of you have been using BUFFED as a pre-workout, so we’re launching a powder to add to your BUFFED to make it a legit pre-workout. I’ve been testing it for months and my pumps are also god-like. What happens when you combine god-like focus with a god-like pump? I don’t know either, but I might launch an Only Fans soon. Launching March '24. 

  2. UNSLAVE THE WORLD. Our first season of our merch drop and it looks incredible. Here’s a sneak peek: 

  1. MEGA-BUFFED. on Friday we’ll be flavor testing MEGA-BUFFED. I’m so excited for this product. This will be the caffeine-free, 100% naturally sweetened and a significant increase of ‘SHROOOM Power version of BUFFED. This is for all of our anti-caffeine, people looking to have a pick me up for an 8pm project due the next day, or maybe you just want a delicious drink for dessert. We got you. 

  2. Creators. our goal with BUFFED is to work with Creators who don’t take themselves too seriously. So if you have any favorite Creators or connections to said Creators, please send them our way. 

  3. Rewards & AMBASTARD Program. we have an exciting rewards program we’re working on for our customers to say thank you.  We’re also looking at revamping our AMBASTARD program, that will rock some socks and hopefully make that bank account FAT. 

Thanks for supporting us on this journey as we aim to do something only a handful of brands have done. You are our lifeblood as a business, so please let us know how we can be better or send us any ideas (crazier the better). 

Amen to BUFFEDholder Letter Vol 1 


(in the future, you’ll hear from the other BUFFED dingus, Court)


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